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Los estudiantes deben traer identificación con foto (Licencia de Manejar) y los papeles de la corte (si applicable).

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CUANDO: En Sabado. Puede llegar sin previo aviso, pero conviene hablar primero para asegurarse de que no hayan cambios.

HORARIO: 9:00am a 3:00pm - Es importante llegar a las 8:45 AM para completar los formularios requeridos por el gobierno. Por ley estatal, los estudiantes tienen que llegar puntualmente a la clase y estar presente las seis horas de clase.

COSTO: $40 por persona (incluye la sena).

Sabados 9am to 3pm


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  • You are a senior 65 years of age or older
  • You are a teen ages 16-19
  • You are taking the class for insurance discount only
  • You are in active duty military (with military ID)


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Am I eligible for defensive driving?

The State of Texas allows everyone to take a defensive driving course a least once every 12 months in order to get a ticket dismissed. You may be eligible to take a defensive driving course more than once a year through a program called deferred adjudication, but you must get approval from the court first.

Is this course State Approved?

Yes. Texas Friendly Defensive Driving School is approved by the Texas Education Agency and all our instructors are licensed by TEA.

What is the cost of the class?

The cost of each class varies by location and venue, payable by cash, check, money order or pay online with a credit card. Some classes include the meal and others, the meal is purchased separately.

How long is the course?

State law mandates that all defensive driving courses be at least six hours in length in order to get a ticket dismissed. You will be signing a statement on your certificate of completion stating that you have completed the entire six hour course.

What time should I arrive?

It would be wise to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the class to complete paperwork. Please note that if you arrive past the start of the class, you may not be allowed to stay. It is a state law that everyone be in class for the full six hours.

Is there a test?

Yes. The test has 20 questions which are all multiple choice. The minimum score is 70 to pass. If you should fail the test, your instructor will work with you after the class is dismissed to assist you in achieving a passing score.

Is the course all lecture?

No. Various videos are shown dealing with the different topics of discussion and we encourage student participation including questions and comments.

Will I get my certificate of completion after the class?

No. State law mandates that the certificate of completion must be mailed to you. You should receive your certificate within 10 days of the class, in many cases, sooner.

What if I need my certificate sooner than 10 days?

For a fee of $30 payable in cash, check or money order only (we do not take credit cards for this service), your certificate can be expedited via Federal Express. Certificates will be delivered within two business days of the class. Note: Federal Express does not deliver on weekends or holidays.

If I did not get a ticket, can I take the course for auto insurance discount?

Yes, but it does depend on your insurance carrier. All insurance companies regulated by the Texas Insurance Agency are required by law to offer up to a 10% discount on your auto insurance for three years. Be sure to check with your insurance agent to see if discounts apply before taking the course.

What if I take it for auto insurance discount and then get a ticket later?

No problem, but you would need to repeat the course.

What is the difference between an online course and a live class?

A great deal. Live classes allow for interaction between instructors and students to share ideas and thoughts, ask questions and develop a better connection with the material plus a great meal. On the other hand, who wants to stare at a computer for six hours? The length of the class is the same; however, we do offer options on our website.

Are there breaks during the class?

Yes. There are two 15-minute breaks and one 30-minute break for the meal.

What should I bring to the class?

Payment for the class (unless you paid online with a credit card), your court information, driver license and perhaps a sweater as some classrooms are cooler than others.

Are all locations handicap accessible?

All locations except Austin Pizza Garden are accessible.


Are you interested in becoming a driving safety instructor? Texas Friendly Defensive Driving School is always on the lookout for individuals who would like to teach a defensive driving course. For a minimal investment, you can become a Texas state licensed driving safety instructor.

Training consists of a three day course, Friday through Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. where you will be thoroughly trained in the curriculum. Afterwards you will be scheduled for two student teaching classes and have a licensed instructor with you. Then you start teaching. It's that easy!

Are you bilingual? We have a high demand to increase our classes offered in Spanish. Please give our office a call for more information. Don't pass up an opportunity to share your talents and skills and making a tremendous contribution back into the community.

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